The Leica R lenses were an excellent series that Leica dropped shortly after introducing. The glass was top of the line and second to none when it was new. Even by todays standards, the Leica R lenses easily hold their own in a world of nano crystal coatings and optical stabilization. The images these lenses produce is, for lack of a better description, dreamy. The details are held extremely well while still allowing for that warm softness that has been associated with film and motion pictures for so long. A lot of people will say that they are reminiscent of the look that you get with Panavision.

That’s probably because Panavision used very similar Leica glass for a lot of their own in-house lenses. All lenses are in pristine condition with Leitax EF mounts and have 80mm fronts. The 7 lens set comprises of:


19mm F2.8

24mm F2.8

35mm F1.4 Superspeed

50mm F1.4 Superspeed

80mm F1.4 Superspeed

100mm F2.8 Macro

135mm F2.8


Included:  Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom matte box.

ANGENIEUX EZ-1 30-90mm T2


Angenieux are considered some of the best cinema zooms in the world, and the EZ-1 is the latest addition in the family. Suitable for both Super 35 and Full Frame / large sensor cameras, the EZ-1 is incredibly fast at T2 and shares similar characteristics to the famous Optimo range. Covering my most used range on focal length of 30mm to 90mm.

For all the information on this beautiful lens, please click here.


Canon 16-35mm F2.8

Canon 24-70mm F2.8

Canon 70-200mm F2.8

Tokina 11-16mm F2.8

Sony SEL1018

Sony POWERZOOM 18-105



Samyang Cine 24mm T1.5

Samyang Cine 35mm T1.5

Samyany Cine 50mm T1.5

Samyang Cine 85mm T1.5

Sigma 50mm F1.4

Metabones Speedbooster Adaptor

Canon X2 Extendor

Vocas E to PL Mount adaptor

Custom E to EF mount lockable adaptor

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