As technology advances, LED lighting is getting better and better all the time, and is finally an option for me in terms of light quality, portability and funtionality. I'm very happy to be able to provide the following...


4 x 1 panel that is essentially the modern day 4 foot Kinoflow. Enormous, soft, bi-colour output that can be powered by either mains or V-Lock batteries. This light is a must on every set - from interviews to drama, it's hands down my favourite light. Mine comes with soft diffusion and also a DoP Choice snapgrid for adding direction to lighting.


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The BI-FLEX1 is the first flexible Bi-Color LED panel for professional use in television, movie and photographic production with an outstanding light quality and a CRI and TLCI over 97. The BI-FLEX1 is the cinematographer’s choice for a small, lightweight and powerful lighting tool for many applications like: portable interview light or to hide in narrow spaces like elevators, cars or even inside objects for product photography.
The BI-FLEX1 runs from main power supply or battery. The BI-FLEX1 comes with a dimmer and a mount for 16mm studs, to mount it onto your stands or clamps and it has on each corner a velcro enabling you to put it where ever you like. The BI-FLEX1 is a flexible panel light 30x30cm and less than 5mm thick.

Both lights come with a Soft Box, Snap Grid, Pancake Lantern and selection of custom fit effects gels.


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The most robust and advanced LED panel available on the market, The Velvet-1 is my panel of choice.

More than Bi-colour (2700k to 6500k), dimmable, waterproof, perfect soft light for beautiful skins tones and seriously bright. I love this light!


Powered by either mains or V-Lock batteries.


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The Snap Grid goes over the Velvet-1  and the Aladdin Bi-Flex's to produce a much more directional light.





Aputure LS-1c


I have 3 of thesebi-colour light panels that have the exact same colour quality and general attributes as the Velvet. They are much more compact and can also be controlled via remote control. 


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